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Jul 17, 2013

The Maze District. Canyonlands Utah. Day IV and V

What a view to wake up to.  photo IMG_2839.jpg The repeater we've been using this entire trip!  photo IMG_2841.jpg I love the desert, but this time of year it sure was exhilarating to be cold and in the mountains!  photo IMG_2842.jpg These mountains are controlled by the all knowing being. Everyone knows to watch out for... the holy cow.  photo IMG_2844.jpg Right about where this photo was taken I ran out of luck with the truck.  photo IMG_2845.jpg We were descending from well over 11,000 feet down to just under 3,000 and we were using low range for the most part for braking. About 3/4 of the way down the road is smooth, fast and a lot less steep so we went into high range. About a mile later I tapped the brakes and.... wait for it... nothing. Well, maybe about 10-20% braking thankfully. Still it took us several hundred yards of the brakes to the floor to stop. It's strange thinking "STOP" in your brain and then driving around a corner, over a little rise and then half way through a corner and then stopping... The brakes were cooked. I've never overheated brakes on anything. I am thinking that I may have had a hanging piston on one caliper so it was heating up whether I was braking or not. Let's hope for that being the case or FZJ80 brakes are truly horrible. Always carry coveralls! I was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, but I knew I'd be laying in the dirt covered in ants so I pulled out the trusty United Airlines coveralls a friend gave me and went to work. These things come in so handy. The only thing they didn't prevent was burning my arm on scalding hot brake fluid.  photo IMG_2847.jpg This is a bad picture. I took it driving. That being said I can't stop looking at all of these rocks as people huddled together praying. Wrapped in red and white blankets sitting around together.  photo IMG_2848.jpg After that we were back on black top! Under the dictionary next to the word "Road" this picture could go.  photo IMG_2850.jpg Oh yah, I will have to come back on a motorcycle.  photo IMG_2852.jpg  photo IMG_2854.jpg Again, where is a motorcycle when you need it! Go go gadget moto!  photo IMG_2856.jpg  photo IMG_2858.jpg Time to head for AZ.  photo IMG_2859.jpg Not a bad airport to land at.  photo IMG_2861.jpg Mogi Lookout, looking down to Johns Canyon trail.  photo IMG_2862.jpg Down at Mexican Hat stopping off at the river to cool off. NICE.  photo IMG_2866.jpg  photo IMG_2865.jpg We made it to the South Rim. Not a lot of people know that there are some great dirt roads to explore for free just south of the South Rim park. The old fire lookout. Still manned.  photo IMG_2868.jpg We camped right under the Helicopter flight path for sightseeing tours and actually loved it. The complete and utter quiet except for the rain punctuated by a helicopter about 100 yards above you.  photo IMG_2872.jpg Still, good spot.  photo IMG_2873.jpg We just read and ate leftover carne asada all night. Not a bad end to a great trip. We took our time going home through Williams and Prescott wishing the trip wasn't ending. Another great one in the books for us.  photo IMG_2875.jpg

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Sara C. said...

Amazing trip pictures! Loved every entry!