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Sep 20, 2011

Custom Handmade Leatherwork

I'm so excited!! My new knife sheath is here.

I am a big fan of anything handmade with skill. It's such a rare commodity these days.
Whether it be fabricating with metal, leather, wood or anything else I think it's amazing how style, hard work and a bit of art mix together into something that is one of a kind. It can't be duplicated by a machine. Something that is truly hand made has the personality and the skills of the maker built into it.

I am so excited to finally have something that is custom made just for me. A good friend of mine has been a fabricator of metal and leather for many years. From the good old days where he fabricated Trophy Trucks during the heyday of Ford's Rough Riders desert racing to the leather work he does for cowboy action shooters, motorcycle seats etc!

I've had my Helle Eggen knife for many years, but the leather sheath that it came with fell apart after a short couple years of hard use. Thankfully the knife is made to last a life time or more. I hope to pass this knife down to my children some day.

If you need any leather work I can put you in touch with Dennis. Here is his facebook page, but shoot me a message and I can send you his phone number or here is his email: ruff 79 bronco at gmail dot com. (It's spelled out funny like that so the address doesn't get picked up by the folks who love to send tons of spam email! Use your noggin and it should be clear what his email is without the spaces and items spelled out.)

I apologize for the bad pictures.

Of course this sheath will get a lot of use over the next few years!
The detail work is my favorite part.



Here are a couple shots of his other work, but the list of items he can make is much longer than what's below. I particularly like the custom motorcycle seats he's created. Some day when I have the right bike, I'll be placing an order.



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