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Sep 15, 2011

CO. Day 6: Montrose, Soldier Creek, Lake City

By the time we woke up our new hunter friends had started their long trip home to Kansas. As we ate breakfast I kept going over some of the stories we heard the night before.
I was picturing one of our new friends on the giant ranch that he was caretaker of while putting up with the rich and annoying lawyer that came out to "play cowboy" each month.

We took our time this morning. I knew the tire wouldn't show up until about 1-3PM in Montrose so we were in no rush!

I love old signage. This one is in Montrose.

Look at this new EXPO Vehicle!! I think it's an obscure Earthroamer model. Sort of like an item that's on the "secret" menu such as "animal style" at In-N-Out!

I really do love it. So much more personality than modern vehicles.


As we sat in the McDonalds parking lot eating our PB&J and using their internet we had to start laughing. How random. We were in a town far from home that looked just like any other for the most part. Instead of tour the many chain stores and restaurants we were holed up in our truck having a mini adventure in the middle of no where. (It was our version of a couch and blanket fort to hide from the city)

All that being said, we did enjoy the older parts of Montrose near main street. Some really cool old homes etc.

Great success!!!
They had the tire. It arrived just a little after 1pm! Not bad! Now let's RUN FOR THE HILLS!
We headed east toward Salida. As soon as we found our dirt road we turned south and back to the mountains and elevation. We would watch the GPS and count off each thousand feet. As soon as we were at 8500 feet I called it. It was now okay to camp anywhere from here up.

We looked out for good camp sites as we drove. After a while we passed a guy on his dirt bike with the wheel off. Looks like a flat. We stopped to make sure he had everything he needed. It hit me when I saw him that I've been in that same situation all alone and would just love for someone with compressed air and real tools to show up!
He had it under control so we pressed on. After a while we came upon a couple more guys on bikes and let them know their buddy was just about a mile back.
Fast forward about 15 minutes and many miles. We come up to a road grader working away and as we pass (and do the customary "dirt road" wave to the road grader) there are two more dirt bikers. Hmmm, we rolled the window down and these guys looked worried. They asked if we'd seen anyone on dirt bikes and it felt great to be able to tell him where everyone was at and what they were doing.

After passing a herd of rabid killer deer with their fawns we found a great campsite!


Not a bad little rock outcropping view from camp.

This is a good one!!

So is this one. The original awesome canned beer.

It was a relatively short day. We both did a lot of reading today. It takes a good day like this for me to get back into reading. Life gets so high paced sometimes that sitting still and reading a book becomes inconceivable. Never let the stress of life and obligations get to the point where you can't find a way to justify some time for yourself to read.

With that public service announcement, we ate some extremely sugary snacks and then went to bed. :-)

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