Jan 14, 2011

McDowell Mountain Bike Ride

Decided to hit up McDowell on my Niner. I road up the Desert Trail which runs through the Uber nice Silverleaf part of DC Ranch and on up to Windgate trail. I take that over to Gateway Loop trail and over that pass back down to the Gateway Trailhead parking lot. Not a bad little after work hour loop.

I've been running a fully rigid Niner Sir9 Single Speed with 34x19 gearing for a while. Now It's great. Not really rough because the steal soaks up the bumps by bending a bit.
If I ever got out of Mountain Biking I think I'd turn it into a 1x9 with a front fork, but in no way do I miss the full suspension Santa Cruz I used to have. I'd just love to keep a bike like that around for shuttle runs at the ski resorts during the summer.
Well, here is a shakey video with a GoPro "Chesty" mount. (their helmet mount is not as good of a view, but it shakes less given the bodies ability to stabalize the head)

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Loren_Worthington said...

Cool ride. The HD GoPro does time-lapse at 2 seconds which 'smooths out' the bumps pretty good too