Feb 19, 2013

Crown King and Cleator... again

The good ol stand by. It was one of the first trails I did in Arizona over a decade ago and it still is a great one. It's gotten harder then easier and now much of it is a graded road. No matter, mother nature has a way of fixing things back to a happy medium of tough enough to be exciting and easy enough to still get through.  photo IMG_1184.jpg The skys were threatening, but that's okay. This trip get's even prettier with a little snow or drizzle. Most of the trail is sand or rock so the moisture doesn't cause trucks to ruin the trail.  photo IMG_1185.jpg This has been the best winter rain season I've seen in Phoenix. The desert is green!  photo IMG_1186.jpg Future cabin.  photo IMG_1187.jpg  photo IMG_1189.jpg Don't miss this turn.  photo IMG_1192.jpg Love Brian's truck. It's like watching an Elephant Tip-Toe through a china shop. Big, but amazingly graceful.  photo IMG_1193.jpg  photo IMG_1197.jpg  photo IMG_1198.jpg  photo IMG_1199.jpg Missed the shot by THAT much. About a second before this shot Brandt's right front tire was about 4.5 to 5 feet in the air and the traction control was working away to get it all to hook up. Hook up it did and the dern camera snapped just a second after that.  photo IMG_1202.jpg The road behind.  photo IMG_1203.jpg Some spots that used to have alternates to avoid the "difficult" spot were now the more challenging route. Road maintenance has to get done and it's a necessary thing. That being said, when I saw a dozer up here making it smooth the last time I was here it was sort of sad.  photo IMG_1204.jpg  photo IMG_1206.jpg  photo IMG_1208.jpg  photo IMG_1213.jpg Darn pumpkins. I swear sometimes they are attracted to rocks.  photo IMG_1212.jpg Always seems like a Toyota commercial at this very spot.  photo IMG_1214.jpg Looks like I am looking DOWN at Jon's truck. Nope, he is just that vertical while he was climbing this rock ledge.  photo IMG_1215.jpg See what I mean!  photo IMG_1216.jpg Easy peasy.  photo IMG_1217.jpg Water flowing.  photo IMG_1220.jpg  photo IMG_1222.jpg My favorite sign.  photo IMG_1227.jpg  photo IMG_1229.jpg  photo IMG_1230.jpg  photo IMG_1231.jpg So many remnants of man made mines, walls, buildings etc.  photo IMG_1232.jpg  photo IMG_1233.jpg Special swiss cheese metal.  photo IMG_1235.jpg You can see bits of the road behind, down below.  photo IMG_1236.jpg As you go up, so do the trees in stature.  photo IMG_1239.jpg Welcome to CK  photo IMG_1243.jpg Always a welcome site on bicycle, motorcycle or truck.  photo IMG_1244.jpg Main street.  photo IMG_1245.jpg  photo IMG_1247.jpg  photo IMG_1248.jpg  photo IMG_1254.jpg Lotsa dogs hanging out.  photo IMG_1256.jpg  photo IMG_1258.jpg  photo IMG_1259.jpg  photo IMG_1260.jpg  photo IMG_1264.jpg  photo IMG_1267.jpg Another great stop. This one is on the main "smooth" road into and out of CK.  photo IMG_1268.jpg  photo IMG_1269.jpg  photo IMG_1270.jpg If you know Cleator from even 5 or 10 years ago, you know that this town is bustling! Many more inhabited old shacks than before. I just hope they don't all go corporate! Well, that was out quickie day trip up to the Bradshaws. Never a bad trip up there and always at least 1 new thing to see.  photo IMG_1274.jpg

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