Feb 18, 2013

Barrett Jackson week in Scottsdale

Another great week to be in AZ. The summer is tolerable, but it's October to April that make this place great.  photo IMG_1088.jpg Hanging out at the rock and roll Mc Donald's car show.  photo IMG_1089.jpg  photo IMG_1090.jpg  photo IMG_1092.jpg  photo IMG_1093.jpg  photo IMG_1094.jpg  photo IMG_1095.jpg Blastolene! Google him! Okay, just click here. Blastolene  photo IMG_1097.jpg  photo IMG_1098.jpg  photo IMG_1100.jpg  photo IMG_1101.jpg  photo IMG_1102.jpg  photo IMG_1103.jpg  photo IMG_1105.jpg  photo IMG_1106.jpg  photo IMG_1107.jpg  photo IMG_1110.jpg  photo IMG_1111.jpg  photo IMG_1117.jpg  photo IMG_1118.jpg Un Macho T/A!! Okay then!  photo IMG_1120.jpg There has always gotta be a general.  photo IMG_1123.jpg Simple and awesome. Uncut.  photo IMG_1125.jpg 1.21 Gigawatts!  photo IMG_1133.jpg  photo IMG_1134.jpg They always look like they are puckering up!  photo IMG_1135.jpg Love the truck, hate the wheels and lowering!  photo IMG_1138.jpg  photo IMG_1139.jpg Jag baby!  photo IMG_1141.jpg  photo IMG_1144.jpg The car, picks the driver.  photo IMG_1145.jpg  photo IMG_1146.jpg  photo IMG_1148.jpg  photo IMG_1149.jpg  photo IMG_1151.jpg Ural love.  photo IMG_1152.jpg Oldest car at the show, and it's a driver!  photo IMG_1153.jpg  photo IMG_1154.jpg  photo IMG_1155.jpg  photo IMG_1156.jpg Waa waa wee waa!  photo IMG_1157.jpg  photo IMG_1158.jpg Gunna drive me to drinkin with this hot, rod, Lincoln. 12 cylinders of awesome. Sounds like a p-51 idling.  photo IMG_1161.jpg  photo IMG_1159.jpg  photo IMG_1160.jpg  photo IMG_1162.jpg Over to the circus, that is Barrett Jackson. Best people watching around. Plus, there are a few cars too.  photo IMG_1165.jpg Okay, DO WANT.  photo IMG_1167.jpg or this.  photo IMG_1169.jpg  photo IMG_1171.jpg They always look happy!  photo IMG_1172.jpg  photo IMG_1173.jpg Pure, simple and understated. How a muscle car should be. No "plum crazy" here.  photo IMG_1175.jpg FJ40's have reached a new level of pricing stupidity. Too bad, I'd love one! haha.  photo IMG_1178.jpg  photo IMG_1179.jpg  photo IMG_1180.jpg That's all for this year!!  photo IMG_1183.jpg

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