May 27, 2012

Overland Expo 2012

Here is a photo of us crossing the pond on our home built raft that Sharon and Jay took. I'm the one in the cowboy hat. Check out their blog report here: Service Driven Blog
What have I been up to? I've been doing some side jobs recently. I was fortunate enough to explore some remote areas of Arizona. Last weekend I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to once again be a driving instructor at the Overland Expo 2012. Check it out here: Or you can check out all of the photos people are posting on their Facebook page here: Overland Expo Facebook I wasn't able to take very many photos and the ones I did were with my cell phone as I worked away. I won't subject you to those since the entire event was filled with professional travelers and photogs snapping away! I spent several extra days before the even helping to work on the driving course and other items to get prepared for the over 7,000 people! During the event my schedule was pretty packed with classes and in between those classes there was always somewhere to help out and keep the EXPO going smoothly. I worked hard and had a lot of fun. I worked with many members of the Camel Trophy. I grew up reading about these insane adventures that were put on by Land Rover. Check out the Camel Trophy here: Wiki Camel Trophy or here: We built a bridge by lashing logs together and drove a very heavy Camel Trophy Land Rover 110 over it. Then on Sunday we lashed 30, 55 gallon barrels together and floated another Camel Trophy Discovery over a pond. At night I hung out with old friends and made new ones. I sat in cabin drinking beer and singing songs with Ted Simon. (Jupiter's Travels All in all it was a trip, a departure from reality which can't always be so much fun. I feel lucky to have been a part of it. Enjoy plenty of photos by searching for "Overland Expo 2012" in quotes just like that or click here: Overland Expo Highlights Or for video here: Or tons more in this thread on Expedition Portal: Expedition Portal: Overland EXPO Thread

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