Oct 13, 2014

Viva Baja Part II

COFFEE the beginning to any good story. I can drink just about anything with caffeine, but the lady, she likes the good stuff. The fact that it happens to be nice and STRONG is a happy coincidence.  photo IMG_4424.jpg Today just couldn't suck. We had very little in the way of plans. This was an area I'd never been to, so I was excited to see some new things and explore.  photo IMG_4430.jpg We'd hit a lot of silt beds while driving along old race course sections and a lot more were to come. It makes for a very dusty back half of your truck.  photo IMG_4431.jpg We tooled along the coast alternating between a bit of high speed fun and sightseeing at slow speeds.  photo IMG_4433.jpg  photo IMG_4435.jpg More Dr. Seuss tree's abound.  photo IMG_4437.jpg Eventually we popped back onto familiar terrain and into El Rosario. We sat down and had the best fish taco's I've ever had. I do mean, ever. I am still dreaming about them a little bit. Fill up the tanks and head back to the coast.  photo IMG_4439.jpg Hmmm, seems like a nice bluff. Let's go into lowrange and check out that next steep hill.  photo IMG_4442.jpg JACKPOT.  photo IMG_4441.jpg Group shot while looking for a way down to the beach. photo IMG_4444.jpg Now, we need to find a way down there. I was skeptical. It was late in the day and we'd already spent a lot of hours driving. The beach below had no vehicle tracks on it at all. That made me think it was inaccessible all the more. We headed back away from the ocean and found a small dirt tracking heading north. The sun was getting lower in the sky so we all felt a little panicked at the thought of wasting our last night on the Pacific Ocean driving around instead of sitting in a chair on the beach! After a couple of wrong turns we found it. A nice track right onto the beach. We booked it south for the archway we'd seen from above. Made it.  photo IMG_4467.jpg We spent a while exploring the nearby caves and tide pools. Lots of pics!  photo IMG_4449.jpg  photo IMG_4454.jpg  photo IMG_4457.jpg  photo IMG_4460.jpg  photo IMG_4465.jpg  photo IMG_4469.jpg  photo IMG_4470.jpg You don't want to be in here as the tide comes in!  photo IMG_4475.jpg  photo IMG_4478.jpg All in all, not a bad spot to camp. So happy to have found this spot.  photo IMG_4484.jpg  photo IMG_4494.jpg Sure, you can look at pics of someone else's trip and decide you want to go to the same spot. I do that all the time. I'd recommend to make sure you leave the beaten path at least once because when you find a place all on your own it means so much more. This was that spot on this trip.  photo IMG_4499.jpg

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