Sep 19, 2009

SOAZtim gets a new swing out on the rear bumper.

We started by taking a piece of square for the main beam of the swing out. I then cut and bent up a tube of 1.5" for the second piece. I decided to keep the tire under the truck.
I wanted to keep the jerry cans close into the truck and low. We drew up a design on the computer for the plasma cutter and then used the brake to bend up the actual jerry can holder.
I knew that I wanted a table so we took some left over galvanized steel. It was so thin and floppy that we used the brake to add some strength to it with a couple convex bends. We then cut/bent up the sides and spot welded them together. We spot welded the piano hinge to the cross beam of the swing out and riveted the piano hinge on the table side. To hole the table at its "in use" 90 degree angle we stole a used throttle cable from the 1600 race car. Cut it to length and put eyelets on the ends.
We then welded on the locating pin and made two holes. One for 90 degrees open and one for the swing to be at a full 180 degrees. The "close" latch was welded into place once it was adjusted.
We welded up a few tabs for straps to hold the jerry cans in place for now. (next time I'll make a metal strap that will have a padlock on the upper mounting point.)
The license plate was a complete afterthought. Just before heading back to Phoenix I realized it and I used a couple sheet metal screws to "fix" the problem for now.
Check it out:

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Paul said...

That thing is looking great! I am a fellow Yotatech guy and have looked at your truck for an example for a while. Good luck and keep it coming!