Feb 25, 2009

Night run Trail 404

Steve, Jon and myself decided to do a little night run down a local trail. Its the tighest trail I know of. If you have a full size you can't fit in the notches. Even steves 4runner with 35's is rubbing on the side walls as he goes through. It was definitely good times, but the one big rock I always have a tough time getting around almost tried to take my door out! How dare it!

Thats the rock. It gave my sliders a work out last time. I added some bracing because of this spot.

My turn,

Steve is looking at the rock well under an inch from my truck. Trying to hold my truck away from it! doh!

just made it!
Jon's turn. Ernie was not pleased.

Without the factory fender flares that I have he was able to pivot on his tire right on the rock. PHEW!

Just some scenery.

I didn't get any pictures of the skinny notch this time. Its too tight to get out of ones truck while in it! Search for other runs of trail 404 on my blog to see more of the TIGHT pics.

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