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May 31, 2007

Off-road in Utah Day III

Day II was enough travel for three days and since we still had energy this day would be no different.

We headed down this little canyon for a while.

Once we hit hole in the rock road it seemed like rush hour. There were cars in front and back. We got to the dry fork parking lot and got ready to head to peakaboo and spooky gulch.
After hiking down to Peakaboo slot canyon we noticed the steep entrance. I honestly thought it must not have been the right way. It was pretty difficult and dangerous for a canyon that anyone is supposed to be able to do. We made the mistake of taking our packs with us. I never like to leave my supplies, but the fact is that they just wont fit in these canyons and on this day there was PLENTY of other people around to help if you needed it.

I was so excited to finally see the canyons I had seen in so many pictures and was drawn to!
After this one we headed over to spooky which is not quite as interesting, but it makes up for looks by being clastraphobic!
Passing people going the other way was a bit of an art to say the least!
It was fun and these little capitillers were all over the place!

After this one we made it back to the car and decided we were too curious to not go to the end of the hole in the rock road. We headed the 50 miles to the end and were glad we did.
On the way we stopped and dance hall rock where the mormon settlers held square dances.

The drop at the end was amazing. Over 120 wagons had to be brought up the ledge from what was then the colorado river below. YIKES!

We headed back up hole in the rock at a pretty good clip only stopping to take a look at a couple of things like:

the settlers used a lot of natural formations as corrals.
We hit the highway and parked near mile marker 81 to hike down to upper calf creek falls.
I couldn't wait to swim. And then I saw a snake swimming so I wussed out...

We drove until dark down the burr trail. Then we took a detour that took us almost all the way to lake powell into the glen canyon park. After we decided to actually use the GPS we realized we were WAY off course and headed back. We ended up at the burr trail switchbacks which at night are AMAZING. After going up and down them we decided to sleep at the top of them. Finally the day was over. What a great, but tiring day!

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