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Nov 17, 2009

Slab City Riot. Slab City, CA (Part 2, "The BIKES")

Rich's new Sportster. He got a smokin deal on it. The head gasket blew the day before the riot, but he was able to get it fixed. Even with the fix it was still an awesome deal on a bike that he is going to use as his daily rider/longer trip bike instead of his hard tail chopper.

I must admit. I had seen plenty of pictures of my brothers new 58 Panhead, but I wasn't prepared for just how great it would look. I still believed that there isn't a substitute for technology so I was sure It would ride pretty bad. I expected loose steering, a herky jerky clutch that comes on like a whip and brakes that require some Flintstones feet on the ground action. Wow, I was completely wrong. Its so darn smooth! It pulls really nice off the line. It's just hard to believe. He bought this 50 year old bike and has ridden it on long trips all over California with no issues.

Okay, this is a bike show primary after all so here are some bikes.

Anyone know what this is??

The cans give this one away. Guzzi!

I'm a big fan of this little know or sought after bike. It has some of the classic looks of a 70's bonneville, but with a nice water cooled modern triple cylinder. Its fast, reliable, great looking and cheap. All the things I want in a bike. I met the owner Wes from Four Aces and picked his brain obsessively for a while about this bike. He's owned his for a long time and turned a lot of miles on her. Very cool fella.

Triumph Bobber.

A modern Nightster with a cool silver metal flake paint job.

Sadly, this modern Bonneville was laid down going around a corner on the way to Slab City. It's Bill of Biltwell's bike, but a fella named Kyle was riding it at the time. He broke his jaw in two places and some other body parts. He's recovering nicely, but I won't be able to put on a 3/4 helmet without thinking of his picture in the hospital. Sooo, its a full face as usual for me.

Here's Laura's new Bonneville T100. She's cleaned up the looks with a lot of little mods like a fender elimination kit, cafe mirrors, low bars etc.

Wes was trying to get McGoo's flat tracker Honda started so they tried a pull start. It's still sketchy on pavement, but seemed nearly safe compared to doing it on dirt.

Some locals goind for a cruise. I love the old low CC Honda trail bikes. Its what my brother and I learned on. No ego, no toughness, just two wheeled fun!

The BMW Deere airhead.

Thruxton and nightster with apes.

Great looking old Indian that gets ridden. Nice to see.

Funkenstien. Great looking bike. Frisco.

These long front ends are great. I don't know if I'd want to dodge traffic with one, but when you see one, who cares.

Where there are bikes, there are

Love this paint!

I know it would be a lot of work, but I need to own an old Norton some day. Maybe growing up loving the script that "The Reverend Horton Heat" stole from Norton or the cafe style are it, but theres just something about them.

Okay, thats a lot of photos, if you even still reading. It was getting later and the sun was low. Folks were starting to set up camp for the night. The third part will be more bikes and bands of the night...

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