Jun 9, 2013

Fort Apache exploring.

For all of the exploring I've done all over AZ I haven't done much on the Apache Reservation besides a couple trips cutting through it. The Apache Rez has some of the most amazing fishing spots in AZ and so I was excited when my fishing buddy expert Westy asked if I wanted to go up and camp/fish for the weekend! I could only make it for a night, but I wasn't going to miss out. Plus, it was about time I took out the new truck to stretch it's legs... and find out where the breaks are. Up through Miami, Globe and to the Salt River Canyon we went.  photo IMG_2191.jpg  photo IMG_2196.jpg  photo IMG_2195.jpg Fort Apache. This is the US base to protect the settlers and travelers of the area back in the 1800's. Now it's in the heart of Apache land.  photo IMG_2198.jpg At this point we were about a mile high, but it was all great far reaching plains.  photo IMG_2204.jpg Wild wild horses...  photo IMG_2206.jpg A great looking ranch. I'm not sure what the story with it was since as far as I know there is no "private" land or land ownership on the reservation.  photo IMG_2207.jpg Heading towards the secret spot.  photo IMG_2211.jpg There were some serious bugs on this trip. This guy was just hitching a ride.  photo IMG_2215.jpg  photo IMG_2216.jpg The crew for this trip.  photo IMG_2219.jpg Feeling a bit like we were in Africa for a moment.  photo IMG_2220.jpg Yes, this is the "road." Talk about a seldom used track!  photo IMG_2223.jpg We saw signs of mountain lions in the area evidenced by some bones pretty high up in a tree. Not too many animals can carry a cow into a tree.  photo IMG_2226.jpg Almost there!  photo IMG_2227.jpg There were a few spots where a lift and some good tires was important, but nothing too crazy.  photo IMG_2233.jpg Jon navigating the toughest obstacle on this trail descending to the river.  photo IMG_2235.jpg Just a little dusty.  photo ee26c5fc-e05e-4209-b746-7dfaf18ad533.jpg A nice shot from Westy of the new family truckster.  photo IMG_2033.jpg We made it!  photo IMG_2243.jpg Even though we were at somewhere around 6,000 feet it was still nice and warm out. Warm enough to enjoy the COLD snow runoff in the creek.  photo IMG_2245.jpg Pretty good size crawdads.  photo IMG_2247.jpg The next day after I'd left he did catch a nice sized small mouth bass.  photo IMG_2254.jpg This was one of many great future spots.  photo IMG_2256.jpg  photo IMG_2260.jpg And that was that. Another great, albeit short for me, adventure in AZ. It's good to be back in AZ and it's good to have a truck again!  photo IMG_2289.jpg