Sep 3, 2008

Colorado bound

Danica and I headed to Colorado to visit Earthroamer and help Scott Brady get his new Earthroamer completed.
Home sweet home?

There is Scotts. I worked on it all week.

This is the beginning of Earthroamers once a year owners rally. Amazing!

Bill does whatever he has to do to get the shot!

No comment on this convenience store chain in Colorado...

This is why I love Colorado!

I got to drive this XV-JP for the weekend.

I was impressed by the LT's ability. We went up and over Mosquito pass!

Sportsmobile enjoying the outdoors!

Just a bit of dust!

Thats one good looking jeep!

Some old mine equipment.

Traffic in the rain on a small trail. Yikes!

The sound of music?

River road.

Time for a train ride!

Some of the views in the canyon!