Dec 18, 2008

Four Peaks Pickup

This years pickup is on February 7th, 2009. From 9am to 3pm!

Dec 3, 2008

relaxing half day ride...

So I was sitting at home and wanted to go for a little ride. 
I filled up the tank and headed out at about 11:30 for a little jaunt.
I road from home to lake pleasant, to Crown King, to Cleator, to Cordes Junction, to the Sheep Bridge, to 7 springs to HOME! 223 miles later! 
If those names mean nothing to you here is a map.

Here is the marker for the back road to Crown King.

The back road has gotten worse and worse. Its to the point where no stock 4x4 should try it. For me, it was fun!

Creeeepy cabin!

Getting rougher!

When I got to Crown King I headed for the Saloon and ordered a nice big cheeseburger. Next thing I knew, it was gone! Amazing!

Nice new store in the town!

Seeing this truck coming along was a bit scary!!

There were christmas trees decorated all over the road on the way down the hill.

Here is the town of Cleator.

The town of Cordes. Really really OLD!

I popped onto the freeway to fill the tank in Cordes Junction.

Made it to the Sheep Bridge. The one in the pics is actually a reconstruction of the original that was all wood and burnt. The bridge was used for... well... sheep a long time ago.


Headed along the 7 springs road on the way home.

made it to tarmac with time to spare.