Nov 12, 2014

Southern Utah Motorcycle Trip. (Bryce, Zion, Escalante, Mexican Hat) *Part Two

What's that? You have special bags to carry your camp trash on a motorcycle. Neat, we have duct tape.  photo IMG_4147.jpg This road takes you right along the backbone of this rock outcropping. Impressive at and times a bit puckering to say the least. Now is NOT the time to high side it.  photo IMG_4148.jpg  photo IMG_4149.jpg Chris says GOOD MORNING!  photo IMG_4152.jpg We gained elevation until we were COLD and at over 10,000 feet.  photo IMG_4156.jpg  photo IMG_4158.jpg What a change from the heat of the high desert and red rock.  photo IMG_4159.jpg  photo IMG_4160.jpg Back to the redrock we went.  photo IMG_4172.jpg These canyons were like being in a video game. I couldn't imagine a road that I'd rather cruise along daydreaming on.  photo IMG_4176.jpg  photo IMG_4177.jpg Here is Jon doing just that:  photo IMG_4178.jpg It seemed like every 5 miles the terrain and colors changed completely.  photo IMG_4179.jpg  photo IMG_4184.jpg Gotta stop here! The last time I was here was in the Landcruiser while exploring the remote parts of the Maze District.  photo IMG_4185.jpg Just call him easy rider.  photo IMG_4186.jpg Literally every spot looks like a nice place to stop. Eventually we found one that was just a bit better than the other pull outs.  photo IMG_4189.jpg  photo IMG_4190.jpg I have been dreaming about riding this section of road on a motorcycle since I first drove it in my Landcruiser.  photo IMG_4193.jpg Jons says, What?!  photo IMG_4195.jpg Absolutely amazing.  photo IMG_4197.jpg Another one just for good measure.  photo IMG_4198.jpg The Dirty Devil River.  photo IMG_4206.jpg The Colorado River.  photo IMG_4210.jpg  photo IMG_4211.jpg This remote gas stop was still cheap compared to what the California guys were paying at the time.  photo IMG_4212.jpg The Moki Dugway. A little dirt roading on Harleys.  photo IMG_4214.jpg It was a bit slick at spots.  photo IMG_4217.jpg Finally after a long day in the saddle we made it to Mexican Hat, UT. Our spot was right on the river and we were more than happy to relax.  photo IMG_4219.jpg

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