Nov 12, 2014

Southern Utah Motorcycle Trip. (Bryce, Zion, Escalante, Mexican Hat) *Part One

So, it was time for another motorcycle trip. I got the guys all excited about the epic roads and sites of Southern Utah so off we went. Jon and I headed out of Phoenix and made our way through Flagstaff on to Lee's Ferry. It was a long haul to get in after a full day of work, but well worth it. Not off the beaten path, but a nice place to wake up none the less.

 photo IMG_4039.jpg This is the jumping off point for the Grand Canyon rafting trips as well as several Fly Fishing operations. It's not a bad place to be.

 photo IMG_4042.jpg  photo IMG_4043.jpg Time to make hay. We hit the highway and headed for Utah. We had a pretty long ride just to meet up with the other guys in Zion so we had to ride without too many stops.  photo IMG_4044.jpg

The views in Northern Arizona are epic. This part of Arizona is like an island being separated from the rest of the state by the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.  photo IMG_4045.jpg

I love quiet roads. Thankfully there weren't any cops or RV's to spoil this ride. Jon says HI!  photo IMG_4052.jpg

Sometimes it's amazing what shots you can get while moving along at a pretty good clip. This is all along the Vermillion Cliffs area.  photo IMG_4054.jpg

Bubble Shields = Less Bugs in your face. This is a good thing!  photo IMG_4056.jpg

Only in the Southwest can you go from Grasslands:  photo IMG_4057.jpg

To Pine Trees in less than 10 miles=  photo IMG_4059.jpg

And back!  photo IMG_4062.jpg

We made it to Zion and had some breakfast with Chris and Jeremy. The Group was complete. 3 aircooled Harleys and 1 70's era airhead BMW. This should be interesting.  photo IMG_4066.jpg

Did we push start the Beemer from where it sat in this photo? Maybe, maybe not. I won't say for sure....  photo IMG_4067.jpg

Zion is a beautiful ride except for 1 thing... TRAFFIC. Depending on the time of year and time of day you may want to plan on doing about 10MPH through the entire park. There is no way to pass or be in a rush so we just put it in first gear and took in the sites. (ATGATT, I know...) photo IMG_4072.jpg  photo IMG_4076.jpg  photo IMG_4077.jpg  photo IMG_4083.jpg

The tunnel is now 1 way only, thanks to some great drivers making stupid choices I'm sure. Expect to wait, and sit, and wait.  photo IMG_4086.jpg

Right when you think you are done waiting, you wait to leave Zion.  photo IMG_4096.jpg

The area between Zion and Bryce is amazingly beautiful and lacks the traffic and congesting of Zion. We were in heaven.  photo IMG_4102.jpg

Some roads just need to be done on a Motorcycle. The road to Bryce Canyon is one of them.  photo IMG_4104.jpg  photo IMG_4107.jpg Lots of neat tunnels.  photo IMG_4108.jpg

Large expansive terrain.  photo IMG_4110.jpg

After making it to Bryce we took a bit to sit back and relax and just take it all in. So good.  photo IMG_4111.jpg  photo IMG_4112.jpg  photo IMG_4113.jpg

It's staggering the number of "Hoodoos" in the park.  photo IMG_4116.jpg  photo IMG_4119.jpg On to tonights campsite we rode. We wanted to get away from the tourists and RV's.  photo IMG_4121.jpg Some of the best motorcycle roads in the world!  photo IMG_4128.jpg  photo IMG_4130.jpg  photo IMG_4134.jpg  photo IMG_4135.jpg This little water crossing wasn't deep, but the concrete was covered in moss as slick as snot. We both fish tailed through the entire thing.  photo IMG_4137.jpg Camp here you say? Okay!  photo IMG_4139.jpg  photo IMG_4138.jpg We sat back and had a few of these.  photo IMG_4117.jpg Good night of day 2.  photo IMG_4145.jpg

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