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Nov 17, 2009

Slab City Riot. Slab City, CA (Part 3, "The Night and the Aftermath")

This ones for the fella that went down and broke his jaw on the way to the Riot. Hang in there, it could always be worse.
Press play and enjoy the pics.

Right so, where was I. Oh yah, fish assholes. What's that? Never had a can. Interested? Then the Salton Sea area may be the place for you. Do you like to have water front property, but aren't a big swimmer? Do you suffer from lack of olfactory senses?
If you answer yes to these then you should start packing now. Saddle up to a bar and order some fish assholes.
Thankfully we had an almost unlimited supply of free premium beer:
So Ballast Point Brewing provided kegs of beer for the riot. Pretty damn cool. So by now the beer was flowing and the sun was getting low. Slab City just gets weirder when the sun goes down. Just ask the "dress" ed up men or the bikini clad lobster women.

I saw an Earthroamer pulling into camp. Pretty rare considering there are only 100 of these in existence. Kind of a offroad RV. I worked for them briefly, but the economy got that company too.

Everyone was trying to set up their gigantic tents while drunk.

Yah, she's all natural. I asked.

A couple beers can make an inflatable cartoon pretty scary.

Wherewolf? Therewolf.

The condo tent. I'm sure it was fun in the wind.

I can't even imagine what Photobucket thought was too risky for their site. I can only imagine it was the transvestite dude or lobster girl. Use your imagination once they pull this Slab City piece of art from my account.

You think your remote until you keep seeing these fellas every hour.

Thankfully it was time for the fire.

Play your cards carefully. Very carefully.

This car must have snuck in. I didn't see it until now.

Richster who's sportster was on the last page. He's waiting on his nice chop to get back into one piece after the motor went bang. Like music? Then you'll love his band Hit by A Semi or the New York Ninjas.

Waiting in line for the beer. Some folks liked the IPA and some the Pale ale. Kind of funny since they were both Pale Ale for the first several hours.

Hudson Drags up first. My brothers other bands are The New York Ninjas, and his solo stuff which is my fav or from back in the Chico days the Inverted Nines.

The local videographer. I bet over a year or two he's got some crazy footage from Slab City.

Letting the pros take the good pics!

Like Chris said. Stay away from the blue acid.

Next up was Get Dead. Some great shit!! Check it out.

Don't mind the photos. They look pretty close to what I was seeing at that point.

Bill worked his ass off all night helping people stay drunk. Thanks for all of the hard work.

They're back!

Standing in the beer line. I was about done for the night. Way too early, but I had a hell of a day. Long, but a good day!!

All night long the wind howled and it was cold. Lots of people left in the middle of the night and many more the second the sun showed up. This guy must have had more fun than most if he could sleep on the ground, in the wind and sun. My hats off to you.

It looked like a crazy night. Easy-ups were in trees. Tents were missing. People were even missing with nothing left in their tent, but their shoes...

Great color on this bike. It looked like the rising sun it was so bright.

Everyone was slow moving and cold. The ride/drive home was going to suck, in a good kind of way.
I agree with Chris of Blue Collar Moto. The funniest post ride quote was this gem from a fellow desert AZ dweller named... Jackshit: "WE HAD RETARD AT A CANDY STORE DURING A DONKEY SHOW FUN..."
Big thanks again to all that put this on. I know with stuff like this there are countless people that don't get or want any credit so thanks to them too.
My drive home was long, windy and slow, but completely worth it.

The glamis sands were BLOWIN.

Ride safe and heal fast,



Fashion Serial Killer said...

nice shots of the Riot

Jack Shit said...

funny, I can't remember saying that but by God it was absolutely true. Great shots man! See you this weekend!

Jack Shit