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Nov 29, 2009

Montana Mountain, AZ

Be careful out there and use common sense. I was sad to read about a group of people that went over a cliff just south of Crown King a couple days ago.

Montana Mountain is a trail that I've been wanting to do for a while. It's just outside of Superior, AZ not far from Florence Junction. I sometimes use Charles A. Wells books to get ideas on where to explore. If you want the book, get it here and trust me, pay for for the spiral bound version.
Here is some additional info on the trail.
This trail was perfect since we only had a half day. We left Phoenix at 8:15 and by 9:15 we were on the dirt. Even after having lunch in Superior we made it back to Phoenix by 2:30pm.

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I enjoy putting out my wooden friends. You CAN buy class like this:

I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing views within the first few miles of the highway. (US60)

The road is good to start with. We chose not to air down, but it would make for a nice and smooth ride.

The views just keep hitting you around every corner.

This has to be my favorite picture from the trip:

I'm naming this one Porcupine Hill.

Along the route are a couple of mines and corrals.

The trucks

The trail constantly increases in elevation. At this point the views become distant. about 3800 feet here.

Although dangerous, I would love to see some of these waterfalls during a good rain.

There was quite a dust storm going on in the valley. It almost looks fake!

As we progressed above 4200 feet the Saguaros disappear.

After a bit of high desert the trail starts to get nice and green. We saw a lot of deer hunters, but the trail was otherwise nice and quiet so far.

At the top of the mountain, 5500 feet, the weather was frigid! By this point the trail was challenging enough to stop anything that wasn't four wheel drive which was nice to keep the traffic down.

There is a bit of tight shelf road. If you've done a lot of wheeling in Colorado it's no big deal, but if its wet be careful!

There are lots of side trails to explore in this area!

Slober monster.

The trail is full of switchbacks on the way down!

Even with the lack of rain the riverbed is nice and green.

Towards the bottom of the trail it gets nice and smooth again.

We headed into Superior for lunch. The old smoke stack of a forgotten mine looms in the distance.

The new mining operations outside Superior, AZ.

The green chili bacon cheeseburger was good!

Be safe out there!

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