Mar 5, 2009

Building a home made snorkel. Cheesy or custom?

Building a homemade snorkel.
It can be a painstaking and an often ugly job. I needed to try to fulfill two purposes.
I want cleaner air getting into the air filter so it lasts longer and I want the job of it to look good and not cheesy.
I've ford waters up to the height of the top of my fender without a need for a snorkel so my reasons for wanting one are different. Installing a large spout in a high up spot looked like disadvantages from my experiences with them.
want clean air so I chose a Donaldson TOP SPIN precleaner. This unit is the best of the best. Donaldson shows that even their older highly popular "clearview" unit, as seen on AEV Vehicles are due for an update to this new topspin unit as their particle seperation is far better.

I didn't have a need for the intake arm to be above my roof. If I ever get in water half that height the motor is done and we have a raft.
I'll be checking the air filters often after this mod to see if it works to my standards.
The Tools:
1. 3 inch exhaust piece from any auto parts store. A straight piece.
2. We found some ducting for performance cars. Its flexibul, but still mounts to 3" inner diameter items well.
3. Have some hose clamps ready.
4. Have some emergency tape handy to fill connections and to make it water tight.
Making sure it was all level and good looking while not hitting anything was a toughy!
We are getting close.

Then we took some nice metal reinforced edge liner from Mc Mastercarr. The look was coming along.
This is what we get! A sealed system that will make dusty days dry and clean for the air filter!

Can be used for beer storage. Just pack it with ice!

Done, nice and easy. Works great. Can't wait to test it on dusty road.


Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT!!! Tammy says you must have been inspired by her denim console cover :)

Livin Large in Salton City..... :)

Corbin said...

hey Tim, Its Corbin. I like it! I've been wanting to do one almost just like that for my truck. wanna help?

Anonymous said...

Do you have the model number of the top spin you used? It looks like its dosnt interfere with opening the hood so I would like to find the same one.

SOAZ said...

Part # is 24168.
Here is a link to the same vendor I bought mine from. It's held up great and after 4 years of spinning it's still working perfectly.