Mar 9, 2009

The Grand Canyon, both rims.

We reminded ourselves that you CAN have a great adventure in just under 48 hours this weekend. In the late afternoon on Friday we decided that a short adventure was in order. We had no specific destination, just north.
Once the truck was loaded up we hit the highway at prime traffic hour. Once we escaped Phoenix it was smooth sailing to Flagstaff. After getting a couple of slices of great pieces at Alpine Pizza we headed out toward LockHeart Meadow. Being late at night I shortly after missed the turn. Sure we could turn around, but why not just go to the South Rim since we were so close.
Of course the campground was closed when we got there so parking lot camping it was for us.
That's just fine because we woke up to this:

This is my favorite way to wake up.
There wasn't a lot of snow, but it was certainly time for a snow angel.

The rim looked amazing.

As the tour buses arrived we headed out. We knew that the north rim was the only place to get away. We also knew the main north rim road was closed for the winter, but that wasn't going to be a problem we hoped.
We stopped by this rock to put in our time in holding it up before going to the north rim.

With the main road closed we headed down one of the many dirt forest roads. This one was covered in snow and we were making first tracks. Fun, but always worrisome to be the first!

After a couple of hours of trying to get out to some of the furthest out points we ended up running into such deep snow that we couldn't get any further. This was a good thing because if it dared to snow that night we wouldn't be able to get out.

We headed out another road towards Jump Up point. Then we ran into Jump Up Cabin.

This was an old cabin built in the early 1900's. Its been used as a ranger outpost, a ranchers cabin and now for anyone who finds it. It was in great condition. We were the first people to sign in since 2008. Mostly hunters signing the book.

As great of a spot as this was we wanted something with more of a view. So we headed off for Jump Up Point.
Along the way we saw these guys.

Boy O Boy did we find a good spot.

Scary parking spot.

This was the camp spot. You can always feel when you find a spot that is as good as its going to get for the day.

Don't fall!

What, no pictures of the both of us. Okay, self timer it is.

In the morning we decided to check out a couple of other points over looking the grand canyon.

On the way back we stopped at Lee's Ferry Fly Shop to get some gas and a Soda. Great place. Sometime I will head back there for a fly fishing trip as well as some rafting down the Colorado!
We also stopped at the old Navajo Bridge. it is out of commission now, but is a walking bridge that provides great views!

Some rafters coming down!

I love zooooooom.

Then we headed back. The San Francisco Peaks had a fresh layer of snow on them and we took our time driving back to Phoenix. We got home at about 6pm. Just under 48 hours. Why can't every 48 be like that.
Tim and Danica

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Anonymous said...

Those last minute trips can be some of the best. Thanks for sharing!!