Jan 10, 2010

Crown King back way... to Minnehaha Flats!

My buddy and I decided to do an oldy, but a goodie. The back road to Crown King. This ever evolving trail is sometimes easy enough for a stock full size and some times hard enough to need sliders and a locker.
It's a great road to blast up on a dirt bike or take your time in a truck. After all, there aren't too many trail runs that you can do in the middle of winter and have a nice hot burger and cold beer at the end of.

Some days it's easy to take the views here in Arizona for granted. Other days it just hits me what an amazing place it is.

You can just BARELY see Lake Pleasant off in the distance.

If you take this trail slow you catch so many different remnants of the mining boom days. I noticed on this trip I saw several new things since the last several times I rode my dirt bike and was too concerned with speed.

The CK trail has several areas with optional side trails that are far more difficult than the main road. This time we saw some International Scouts attempting a side trail.

Heading along the trail.

A Tight squeeze. He used his slider a bit on this one. This area isn't too bad in a truck, but on a bike it's like riding on bowling balls.

An old structure that has deteriorated over the years.

Water in Arizona!

This is one of those spots that I don't even notice on a bike, but took a bit of driving to get up with ease.

Great sign, but I feel bad for the residents. I almost always see evidence of someone there. (People walking around, smoke coming out of the chimney etc)

Trying to go around the rock... but not into the tree!

Poor old water tank near this townsite looks like swiss cheese.

The wood and metal are deteriorating, but the stone work looks as good as ever!

A bit of a tough part. Choose lines carefully.

Lots of traffic on the road.

A little snow on the ground up near Crown King.

Made it to the bar!!!

The local Fire Dept was doing some training. Great place to work!

Main Street:

The OLD store.

A little bit of cheesyness makes for a good day.

Headed out, the LONG way.

Remnants of a long forgotten boom.

Neat old bulding.

Great looking old dump truck.

One more of this building.

Another great old tractor. A BIG one!

Vandals like to shoot things and flip them over...

Heading down to Kirkland Junction!

It was a great day. What a beautiful end to a great day.

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KellysKidsKorner said...

Could I get in the back way. I have a suburban with stock tires.

Thanks for any input !